Who is Padel Quip?

Padel Quip are local manufacturers of Padel courts in South Africa. After months of research and development, we have created compressive models to sell to our local market in South Africa. We believe passionately in the game and believe that the growth of the game will be significant in the next 2-5 years. Our prediction seems set to be realized with Padel Tennis also possibly being included as an Olympic sport in the 2024 games.

Padel Quip lists the advantages of locally manufactured courts below:

  • Significantly shorter lead times.
  • No import duties and taxes.
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Country-wide coverage.
  • A partnership option with Padel Quip in creating a turnkey solution and financial assistance.
  • Local construction and engineering skill set.

We believe that locally producing courts will create new opportunities and a revenue stream for any sporting facility, including golf courses, sports clubs, and recreation centres.

Indoor Courts
Outdoor Courts

Our Value Proposition

Our focus is to offer complete solutions all around the construction of Padel Court.

We offer: